Treatment of Vitiligo Using

Modified Heat Shock Protein HSP70i

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Treatment of Vitiligo Using

Modified Heat Shock Protein HSP70i

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Temprian Therapeutics is working hard to launch a drug for the treatment of vitiligo!

Between 35 and 70 million people suffer from vitiligo  worldwide. This depigmentation disease causes a lot of hardship for the patients. People use a variety of strategies ranging between makeup, bleaching, skin transplants, corticosteroids and UV therapy to manage their disease. Remedies are few and far between. Only a person suffering from vitiligo can truly understand the stress the disease brings to daily life. Scientific research has however shed some light on the disease. While patients have a genetic predisposition for vitiligo, stress is the ultimate trigger for progressive loss of skin color. Temprian Therapeutics is developing a new way to treat vitiligo by injecting DNA coding for a modified heat shock protein HSP70i to stop the autoimmune response at the outset. We are now looking for investments and donations to get clinical trials off the ground.

Nature selects Temprian Therapeutics as a finalist for their Spinoff Prize 2020.

The startup belongs to the top 12 science-based companies to have emerged from academic labs worldwide over the past three years.

Why Temprian Therapeutics?

We were established in 2019 to bring a modified heat shock protein based treatment of vitiligo to a clinical trials!

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is typically induced by a variety of stress factors ranging from exposure to harmful chemicals, intense sunlight, scrapes and bruises or emotionally draining conditions.

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